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The internship met my expectations.

The internship has helped me to develop problem-solving skills.

While working as an intern, the agency offered me sufficient opportunities for professional development.

Adequate professional role models were available to me.

The internship site supervisor/manager provided adequate instruction on professional ethics.

Peer support was readily available to me throughout the internship.

The internship was sufficiently challenging to me.

I was provided sufficient opportunities to benefit from different staff members' various areas of expertise.

My internship experience was very helpful in preparing me to assume the role of a new professional.

If the opportunity presented myself, I would remain with the agency for a permanent employment position.

Was the internship a good learning experience?

Did you receive enough training to perform your duties efficiently?

Did you understand what was expected of you?

Was the supervisor/manager available to answer any questions that you might have had?

Did the supervisor/manager provide you with constructive feedback?

Were the agency's rules, policies, procedures, and expectations explained to you in sufficient detail?

Did this experience help you to solidify your career goals?

Would you recommend this internship to another student?

Were you offered a permanent position as a result of your internship?